• aero7 Ergonomic Control System

    Ergonomic Control System

    The aero7 features a tilt-angle adjustable chest supporter and seat height adjustment, allowing the chair to support various body types and variations in posture.

  • aero7 Chest Support

    Chest & Elbow Support

    The chest support relaxes your back muscles and spine while keeping them facing forward for a more comfortable posture. It's angle is easily adjusted for your optimal personal comfort and support.

  • aero7 Pelvis Support

    Pelvis Support

    The aero7 helps maintain normal back curvature by supporting and properly positioning the hips and pelvic region. The chair height is quickly and easily adjustable by lever.

  • aero7 Foot Rest

    Foot Rest

    The built in foot rest helps you maintain proper posture by positioning the hollow of your knee slightly higher than the seat, improving blood circulation and supporting equal weight distribution.

  • Ergonomic Control System
  • Chest & Elbow Support
  • Pelvis Support
  • Foot Rest