Advanced Japanese engineering and programming in the Johnson J5800, 4D massage chair create the ultimate in human-like, deep tissue massage. The J5800 is equipped with our state-of-the-art, 4D massage chair technology.

The Johnson J5800 massage chair can change the rhythm (4D) of the massage heads during movement providing a realistic, hands on massage experience at a price below many standard massage chairs.

Add in more massage techniques than other chairs, power leg extension, and a heated foot rest and you have the best massage chair available in this price range!

Enjoy today!


  • 35 available massage techniques
  • 2 memory settings for each auto program
  • 9 pre-set massage programs
  • Heat therapy for soles of feet
  • Advanced body scan technology to ensure a customized massage
  • Motorized leg-rest extension to accommodate multiple body heights
  • 33 rapid response air bags to increase circulation and muscle relaxation throughout your body